Work Ethic – From a young age I was always brought to be hardworking, to put everything into my work and life. I didn’t always follow, but through life experience; I learnt that if you don’t take things seriously or put all your effortin it will carry over to your next venture. Here’s an example – you’ve got a new job at say a coffee shop; you hate it, it’s a temp stop and you’re in it for the money only. If you don’t work hard in that environment you will take those traits over to other jobs. A job is a job and money is money. We’re all working on ourselves every day, we want our children, family or friends to see these values to help them in their lives and to take positive aspects away for them.


Trust – Without this you have nothing. Trust is a big issue in relationships and it really shouldn’t be like that. I do think the era we’re in is a big problem. I see more relationship issues now then I did say 5 years ago. I think lack of commitment is the issue for the majority at least from what I’ve seen. If you can’t commit then DON’T it’s not your life that gets effected because you simply are not committed. Things will get hard, life loves throwing a banana in-front of you from time to time. Those are the times you grow stronger together. Don’t bail because it hasn’t gone your way this time. What Happened to those days?


Positive thinking – I know! everyone rolls their eyes at it. I actually dislike the word I find it quite condescending and it can seem like it’s used to shove people’s problems a side. I really want a different term. How about listening to someone who had Anxiety, still gets minor effects but due to fighting back I can deal with those and they’re minor. The problem is that negative thoughts can drown you. It’s like being suffocated. Negative thoughts build because we let them grow. That isn’t saying we’re weak, it’s a learning process. Some deal with it differently. Some need support, I find that having someone to support you is valuable in dealing with life’s traps. Someone who can make your problems theirs and to tackle them together. When you’re drowning in bills, lost people, and nothing is going your way. Take a moment, look around you, do you have happiness in your life? Despite the drowning what makes you happy? It could one thing or many. Ever made it out of a certain situation? You got through it. Doesn’t matter if you had help or you tackled it yourself you got through it. Got through another? Well you’ve done that too, doesn’t matter how.


You can always get through it if you’ve done it before. Have a loving family? Friend, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Wife, Husband who is with you through it? Look at them, they’re in your life with you. There’s always a bit of light, grab it make it bigger. Let that happiness pull you out because when you’re thriving through these problems the issues get weaker because you can fight them. If you have that special someone or someone’s, talk to them. If they’re right for you they will always be there.


It’s never a quick fix, can take many times, many reassurances, many chats, tears, struggles but again, take that moment to appreciate the good to the point it’s so strong that you can move forward. Go for a walk, favourite song? Listen to it. Breathing exercises? Try them. Pull out everything. There’s no silly ways or wrong ways to try get that happiness. Bills get paid one way or another, health issues can be fought, relationship issues can also be fixed. We just need to find the tools and again there’s no wrong tool of it works;


…unless it’s illegal drugs.





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