Journey to the ring



I have been accepted to compete in a charity boxing event to raise money for Cancer.  As soon as I found out I paused, wasn’t sure whether to announce it or go ahead with it for reasons. 

Once that was behind me, my first thought was let’s train. I don’t have a start date, it looks like it’s going to be around May-June. They offer 8 weeks training. As far I’m concerned training starts now.




growing up in Portsmouth my dad made sure to get me in Karate and many other forms of combat sports. I learnt a lot but more than anything I learnt respect. As I got older I figured Karate, JKD and other rangy striking Martial Arts were not ideal for my body type being short; fairly upper body strong, shorter range. I found Wrestling, no not the WWE type wrestling where the Rock was doing the people’s elbow but the sport Wrestling. Wrestling was more suited to my style being fast, strong with good hips and Dexterity. Wrestling is rough, slamming or getting slammed by another person who weighs equal to you was a common thing and clashing of heads, getting elbowed, cut lips was common so it teaches you how to overcome adversity. The most important aspect of wrestling was the discipline, I became way more respectful, and wanted to study many forms of Martial Arts. A lot of people get into combat sports for the wrong reasons, because they want to hurt people, or because they think it’s cool. Those types of people either become dangerous, or they get a wake up call when they find out there’s nothing cool about getting a knee to the face or picked up and man handled on a wrestling mat. In my experience more people leave with more respect than when they came in. I’ve never boxed before, this is new to me. I don’t know how to translate my power into my punches when it comes to boxing. I can kick box, Thai box, but not boxed, the movement, efficiently, there’s a whole different aspect to boxing even though it’s limited to arms so for me I’m a beginner in this and I like that


My mentality going into this

Because the contest is so far away, it’s hard to say how I feel. I’m in the process of bettering myself and to get myself in shape to the point the contest will be a breeze. I will say I’m going to be nervous. I mean I’m going to walk into a ring half-naked with a guy the same weight as me who is trying to punch me in the face and get me out of there so yeah there will be a lot of emotions on the day of the contest. I just want one person by my side through this and seeing her there supporting me would mean everything to me, just like she means everything to me. Just hearing her say she will support me in this, it feels, I don’t know it’s hard to explain but I can say I care so much for her, that her opinion on this mattered to me. A big worry of mine was how she would take this? Because there’s a lot of people out there that would get the wrong idea. There’s no macho nonsense in this for me. This is about competing for charity, and challenging myself and doing something new. I’m coming into this as someone who has loved martial arts from a young age. I’m happy that she didn’t think that of me, and this just shows the kind of person she is and I’m grateful, I don’t know what I’m trying to say here, or I do and I just haven’t got the guts.


How will adapt to boxing coming from different forms of Martial Arts

When the referee says go, I will work for the entire contest, I won’t let him catch his breath just constant pressure from the bell and that’s how I have competed since day one no matter the sport. I know that my pace will be hard to deal with but what I don’t know is what he’ll be doing to deal with those attributes. Obviously I don’t know my opponent but I assume he will be taller, longer reach than me. If that is the case I will close distance, work body, force him into a corner and look to end the contest no matter what because he will be looking to do the same. When I know my opponent and get a chance to study his movement, body type I’ll have a better idea. I do want to be put in all positions in the contest to see how I adapt. Win or lose I’ll respect everyone who competes and we will shake hands at the end. The most important thing is to try get closer to finding a cure!



I hate that word, hate reading it, I got health anxiety because of Cancer scares in the past, it left me fearful of doctors appointments. What it mostly does is destroy people’s lives. I have heard so many heart breaking stories of this disease that I won’t go into detail about. For years the only treatments are chemotherapy and the various forms of immunotherapy. Chemo for advanced cancer depending on which type can have as low as less than 5% chance of working, that isn’t for a cure but to keep cancer at bay with hope for a miracle. Many skin cancers such as Melanoma respond to immunotherapy which helps to boost your immune system to tackle the cancer. Melanoma has a 98% survival rate if caught with the earliest stage but less than 20% when it spreads to organs such as the brain or liver. While the odds are better than some others, it’s still not a cure once it hits those stages. There are cancers that have a high cure rate such as some cancers found in the thyroid gland but like other cancers, once it hits late stages, rates will drop. Why am I telling you this? because I feel we should all do something to help support and raise money to try combat this disease. Whether it’s getting punched in the face like myself or running a marathon if we’re able, why shouldn’t we? We’re all human beings, let’s look out for each other and do our best to help.



Every week I will be posting updates on training, my mind-set going into this up until I compete. Who knows, maybe from seeing me tackle something new will help others to try something new; ,  to see the happy, sad and different emotions that goes into something like this. I won’t filter anything, how I feel will be how I feel at that moment. Most-of-all I hope that others can help raise money for such a cause. 








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