Introduction to myself and my blog

Welcome to my blog. I started blogging in November last year and was recommended WordPress by a fellow blogger. I used to write years ago and when I got back into it in 2017 I had no clear path and I found it hard.  I now have an idea of where to take it so it’s a fresh start, and some hard work to get followers and try build this up, nothings easy though right?

About me

I was born in Portsmouth, a small seaside town known for sailors, drunks, chavs and loud mouths. We have the worst accent I’ve ever heard, we sound incorrect, we’re loud, good sense of humour but sadly some let Pompey down and give it a bad name. I’m from Irish decent with some Scottish thrown in there, I guess that’s where I get my colourful personality from? I enjoy training, gaming, travel, I love getting inked! there’s something so relaxing and pure being tattooed; it sounds crazy to some but it’s an enjoyable experience for me. I’m a big fan of old school aftershave, straight razors, slicked back hair, bryll cream; leather jackets; you know the manly stuff! but I also enjoy a nice track top, jeans, vans or other trainers or a nice 3 piece suit so I’m very mixed and don’t follow a particular dress code or anything like that, I just do me. Oh, and I love rose gold, and chicken; I love chicken; did I mention I love KFC, because it’s chicken. I want KFC.

So why fitness? there’s so many fitness Youtube channels, articles why should you read my blog?  Well to be quite honest there’s a growing trend of so-called personal trainers, so called fitness experts who are making fitness universal, like it’s not tailored to someones body type. Many times, I’ve seen people ask questions like, I’m overweight at 18 stone to then be told go for a run. Just no. If you don’t mind joint problems then sure, run. I’m someone who’s been into fitness, martial arts all my life and not had one single serious injury, no joint problems, no back problems; nothing. I believe in training right for your frame. An example is I’m fairly short, 5ft 5 and naturally without adding mass to my frame I usually sit in-between 13 stone(182lb) to 14 stone(196lb) and at that weight I can do everything, long periods of time at high intensity without risking my joints because my body carry’s that weight naturally.  If I were to go on a bulk, which is what bodybuilders call gaining size; and gain 3 stone putting me at say 16 stone(224lb) then running, doing high intensity would be hazardous for my joints.

As this blog goes on I will share my tips I’ve learned like how to find out an ideal running or high intensity weight for yourself to make it a safer process overall and you will be able to achieve your goals. Whether you’re building muscle, losing it or losing fat keep reading and you might find what works for me, and the different outlook I have works for you too, it’s about experimentation, it’s never 30 secs abs challenge you see advertised or some other nonsense with a ripped guy selling you his 5000 calorie protein shake.

You will find my stats, what’s changed, you will see what my workout has been, and how my body has changed. This will give you an idea of changes you may experience during your fitness journey. Everybody is different and will respond different you will find people with similar body types respond similar to a similar plan but there’s always unique changes.


My personal goals

My current personal goal is I’m currently getting my body fat percentage low then seeing where to go from there depending on results. My aim is to rebuild my base. I’m trying not do any heavy lifting, focusing on movement, agility and keeping my body light, I hate sloppiness, when the frame is immobile, lacking fluidly when you train, basic robotic movements. I like to feel like my frame is free which is why all of my workouts are movement based. When I’m even doing weights it has movement based elements never any static basic movements because that’s what my body responds too. Many times I’ve heard people say how are you that fast for someone who’s fairly stocky, it’s because I’m naturally athletic and because I train that way to keep my body sharp, responsive. I’m aware that training to lose fat will lose muscle but that’s just the science of it there’s no way around that and that’s something I don’t mind. I’ve been lucky so far but that time will come. My goal is simple, I wanna look good! isn’t that always the way? but I also wanna enjoy the process and keep healthy. 


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